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Our Services

Looking for a local Electrician in Quakers Hill? Get the best local Electrician around. Uneed Electrical Services provide after hours support and Electrical Services in Quakers Hill. We provide a wide range of electrical services that Western Sydney home and business owners have come to rely on. So for all your electrical needs you need, Uneed Electrical Services.
Call 04 33 399 719 and Ask for Jack!

Need electrical maintenance or servicing work? There's no job too small

Uneed Electrical has got you covered.

We provide a full range of expert electrical services. All our installations have a lifetime guarantee on all our work. We are so confident of our workmanship that we guarantee it. We won’t be happy until our customers are happy. We won’t leave unsightly holes in your walls and will always clean up after ourselves. Our Electrician will deliver professional results without the fuss, that's our guarantee.

LED Downlighting Installations and LED Upgrades

Trusted LED downlight installations from Uneed Electrical Services! Need a LED downlight Installation? Contact the most qualified electricians in Sydney. Get it right from the start! LED lighting is a cost effective way to brighten up and highlight feature areas around your home so LED downlight selection is very important, many customers will buy from online or direct from a store thinking it is cheaper with the same quality as an electrician installs. But, unfortunaly that is more often not the case. Uneed Electrical Services have a range of quaility LED and Light Fitting products that won't cost you the world to install and will not fail.

Our carefully selected products have been carefully compared for best:
Brightness | Area light coverage | Durability | Large light colour ranage | Warranty

TV Wall Mounting

When it comes to wall mounting your TV and speakers you need a Uneed Electrical Services Electrician, we are the experts at all things electrical.

As people invest more in their homes they also invest in their enterianment with bigger TVs and sound bars that people want wall mounted without all the cables. At Uneed Electrical we not only hide all the cables, we even patch any holes that we make so you don't have to.

Speaker and TV Wall Mounting | Hidden Powerpoints and Antenna Outlets

Do you need new power points installed in your home or rental?

Uneed Electrical Services is your reliable powerpoint safety checks and installer. Many customers don’t realise that powerpoints are the most common cause of electrical fitting faults in a home. There are various reasons for powerpoint failures ranging from poor termination, incorrect installation or even poor quality products.

Uneed Electrical Services provides a range of quality products and work with only trusted Australian industry standard brands to fit into your home. So if you have had enough of a lack of powerpoints and messy extention boards in your home, then you need, Uneed Electrical.
No Doggy work, No Doggy Brands!

New Digital Antenna Installation, Extra Antenna Points or Reception Issues

Just got a new Digital TV but haven't upgraded your Antenna? Don't put up with bad reception or missing channels on your new Digital TV. Uneed Electrical Services installs and upgrades new Digital TV Antennas for new and extisiting homes. Weather or not you have a newly built or older home we can install a new digital antenna to increase reception and fix losed or weak channel signals in poor reception areas as most older antennas can only receive 20 to 30% digital signal.

For homes that are in high wind or valley areas that require additional antenna height and strength we can build a tripod antenna to add strength with out breaking any roof tiles.

Uneed Electrical also can install Extra Antenna points for your new entertainment area or in other rooms throughout your home or just to hide antenna cables behind your TV. Our Electricians can save you time and money to install both power and antenna outlest for you in one visit.

What makes us Different?

We Love Small Jobs

Not many Electricians are willing to do small light or switch repairs on the weekend, and if they are avaliable, it means they will cost you a lot more. we understand while Quakers Hill mums and dads are trying their best to keep costs down. We can help do your small jobs without the expensive call out price, so you don't even need to take a day off.

We promise, we deliver

We understand time and money are important, so when we tell you what time we will be there, we will be on time. When we tell you the cost of repair, we will honor the cost we quote. We ensure that you keep your time schedule and your budget in check. Just a top job, on time, and no dirty boots.

Friendly and Honest

Electrical work requires a high standard of safety but not bossy. Our Electrician will explain in detail what the issues are and how we will go about the fixing them. After our full inspection report we will not have surprises during the repair work. And we will always be honest about what the challenges in resolving your electricial issues.

Quality Products

Like you, we to like to have a good sleep at night. We are so confident our work is done to a high standard, we make sure that the products we use have the same standard. We only use the best industry products no doggy imports.